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Best Of Thomas Doss

Portrait - 5 CD´s:

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  1. Ante Lucem
  2. Magic Overture
  3. Cantus
  4. From Crystals and Eagles
  5. Fancy Vienna
  6. St. Florian Choral
  7. Colossus
  8. Montana Fanfare
  9. Sidus
  10. Canzone di Francesco
  11. Stone Age
  12. Fanfare for a New Horizon
  13. Spotlights
  14. Momentum
  15. Traffic
  16. Il Briccone
  17. La Vouivre
  18. The Monk and the Mills
  19. Pilgrim Concerto
  20. Romanian Dances: Romanian Overture I. Meleaguri mistice (Mystic Landscape)
  21. SUITE from Romanian Dances II. Batuta 1 (Dance with stomping and drumming)
  22. SUITE from Romanian Dances III. Colinda (New Year's Dance)
  23. SUITE from Romanian Dances IV. Jocuri (Dance Games)
  24. SUITE from Romanian Dances V. Apsanescu (Circle Dance)
  25. FINALE from Romanian Dances VI. Batuta 2
  26. Sunset Serenade
  27. Messengers of Light
  28. Il Presidente
  29. Fanfare in Iubilo
  30. The Colors of Tali
  31. Conductor's March
  32. Romantic Ballad
  33. Green Hills Fantasy
  34. Outback
  35. Goodnight
  36. Snow White I. Once Upon a Time
  37. Snow White II. The Seven Dwarfs
  38. Snow White III. The Glass Coffin and IV. Snow White's Release and Wedding
  39. Devil's Tower
  40. Fanfare del Popolo
















Portrait - 2 CD´s:

 Doppel - CD Majestic Waters.jpg

  1. Majestic Waters (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: The Luxembourg Military Band)
  2. The Rise of the Phoenix (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: Royal Netherland Army Band JWF)
  3. The Curse of the Mermaid (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: Jugendblasorch. Ober”sterreich)
  4. Valentin's Chorale (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: The Voltige Orchestra)
  5. Einstein (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: Nagoya Univ. of Arts Wind Orch)
  6. Fiori (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: The Luxembourg Military Band)
  7. The Iron Ring (Composer: Thomas Doss - Orchestra: Band of the Royal Air Force)
  8. Blackout (Orchestra: The Luxembourg Military Band - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  9. Mystic River (Orchestra: The Voltige Orchestra - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  10. Dionysos (Orchestra: Royal Netherland Army Band JWF - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  11. Wings to Fly (Orchestra: Royal Netherland Army Band JWF - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  12. Festival Bells (Orchestra: Royal Netherland Army Band JWF - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  13. Pulse (Orchestra: The Luxembourg Military Band - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  14. Friendship Fantasy (Orchestra: The Luxembourg Military Band - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  15. Gjallarhorn: I. Heimdall - Lento Misterioso (Orchestra: Aulos Sinfonisches Blasorch. - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  16. Gjallarhorn : II. Gulltopp - Vivo Pericoloso (Orchestra: Aulos Sinfonisches Blasorch. - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  17. Gjallarhorn: III. Ragnorok - Largo Misterioso (Orchestra: Aulos Sinfonisches Blasorch. - Composer: Thomas Doss)
  18. Gjallarhorn: IV. Yggdrasil - Adagio (Orchestra: Aulos Sinfonisches Blasorch. - Composer: Thomas Doss)


Best Brass Band Music

  1. Fanfare in Iubilo
  2. REM-scapes
  3. Spiriti
  4. St. Florian Choral
  5. Trance
  6. Time Machine



Portrait - 3 CD´s:  Fanfare in Iubilo, Traffic, Berlin Memories, Outback, Messengers of Light, A Little Suite of Horror, Ecce Sacerdos, Goodnight, Dir Himmel rühmen, Os jusit, Stadium Fever, Pirates Overture, Il Presidente, The Spirit of Youth, Panoptikum, Storia Montana, Austrian Overture, Ave Maria, The Monk and the Mills, Mysterious Waltz, Musica Eroica, Christmas in the Alps, Greenhills Fantasy, Sunset Serenade, The Colours, of Tali, Momentum, Colossus, Ante Lucem, Symphony in Green


 Portrait - 2 CD´s: Romanian Dances, Fancy Vienna, Cantus, Of Castles and Legends, Trumpets and Bridges, Black River Overture, Sir EU, Galileo, Triumphal Prelude


 Portrait - CD: Aurora, Atlantis


 Portrait - CD: Montana Fanfare, St. Florian Chorale, Il Briccone, Alpina aga, Sidus, Nyx


 Portrait - CD: Fanfare del Popolo, Genesis, Overture Allemande, Concerto Tricolore, Pathetique, Jungle, Luceafarul


 Portrait - CD: Fanfare in Iubilo, St. Florian Choral, Spiriti, Trance, REM - Scapes, Trance, Time Machine


Portrait - CD: Magic Overture, Prima la Musica, Dona Nobis Pacem, Fanatic Winds, Orientales, Power Play, Lone Star Overture, Scherzpolka, Romantic Ballade, Aurora, Enjoy the Music


 Portrait - CD: CD Zeppelinsinfonie

   Pocketopera (Vampire-Storys) - please contact the Composer for more infomations!

Portrait - CD: CD Wurdalak

      Includes also: Francescos Gebet  - please contact the Composer!

Portrait - CD Mythologo: Francescors Gebet zum Kreuz von San Damiano, Kyrie in Pop, etc.
















    Doss conducts the band of the slovenian Police






































































Specials - Playalongs with famous solists

for Saxophone, Clarinet, Flute, Trumpet, Tuba, Euphonium, Trombone, Low Brass, Brass Ensemble, Cello and Viola


              Brass/Low Brass-Ensemble           



 Nobuya Sugawa presents: Alto saxophone + Pf




       Steven Mead         Ian Bousfield                                                  



  Patrick Sheridan                                         Allen Vizutti



Alto saxophone + Pf         Flute + Pf                            



Trumpet + Pf               Clarinet + Pf



 Viola + Pf                   Cello + Pf               Violine + Pf






Scripts and additonal parts



Fanfare for a new Horizon - Flügelhorn

Black River Overture - Flügelhorn

Devils Tower - Flügelhorn

Snow White - Flügelhorn    (A Princess Tale)


Terra Mystica Flügelhorn

Einstein Flügelhorn

Nuclear Village Flügelhorn

Dionysos Flügelhorn

Majestic Waters - Flügelhorn

Centennial Adventure - Flügelhorn

Mystic River - Flügelhorn

Curse of the Mermaid - Flügelhorn

Friendship Fantasy - Flügelhorn



About Thomas Doss

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