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A Little Stress Music

ist ein wirklich lustiges Werk mit einer mehr als gesunden Portion Satire!

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Donnerstag  30.12.2021!
Beginn: 20:00 Uhr

Stadttheater Bozen / Großes Haus

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 Blasmusik Pop

Weitere Vorstellungen 1.,2.,6.,7.,8. Jänner 2022 






Sinfonie der Freiheit - in 3 Sätzen

Dauer ca. 30 Minuten

Grade 5-6

Sinfonie Nr. 3 



The Universal Declaration of Human Rights article 1 "All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and knowledge and should meet one another in a spirit of brotherhood. " I. Cry for freedom The declaration on the "Middle Way" of the Dalai Lama, which runs counter to the state system of the People's Republic of China in all aspects. (Middle way = high degree of autonomy of the large Tibetan region under the constitution of the People's Republic instead of regional independence) - S.H. the Dalai Lama (translation: Ocean of Wisdom), founded in 1959 by the Chinese occupation has to flee from his homeland Tibet, 1960 the government of Tibet in exile in Dharamsala, India. Since then, the Nobel Peace Prize winner has been negotiating with the Chinese government to solve the Tibetan problem. II. Dream of freedom ... Somewhere between the African and the European continent: a father sleeps with his child in his arms. The boat is floating in the sea. In the dream, the refugee appears to his deceased wife and the remaining children. They are waiting for him in his old house. The familiar smells of the spices from the garden give him a sense of home, hope, warmth and confidence that has become so strange. A rising storm describes not only an accident, but also the "general world situation". The boat drifts towards the mainland ... III. Freedom over everything "All people are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and knowledge and should meet each other in the spirit of brotherhood. " “Wellbeing wherever you can! Love freedom above all! Never deny the truth, even on the throne! ” Freedom over everything! The ideals of the French Revolution - freedom, equality, fraternity lived in Beethoven's soul. These terms are more current than ever. Hardly any other composer has had the struggle for the idea of ​​freedom in his life and work as recorded as the great composer Ludwig van Beethoven. His musical spirit and ideal were my role model in this sentence. The setting of the Fibunacci numbers symbolize the flower of life, which is called the "golden ratio" as an eternal miracle of life in all areas of our creation. Anton Bruckner's spiritual "Locus iste" quote ("This place was created by God") at the beginning of the movement round off the 3rd movement of the symphony

About the creation of the work: When I received the order for the present work from the Bläserphilharmonie Nordrhein-Westfalen under Timor Chadik, it was the client's wish to relate to Ludwig van Beethoven, whose birthday is 250 years old in 2020. The homage to Beethoven's milestone birthday, which is very close to Anton Bruckner's music, should be a reason for me to emphasize the ideal of his life par excellence, namely that of human freedom and the ideals of the French Revolution. Freedom - equality - fraternity These values ​​can also be found in Chapter 1 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the UN Human Rights Charter. I. Under the impression of the Tibet problem and the 'Dalai Lama' that always inspires me, I tried To focus on Tibet in the 1st movement of the symphony. II. The image of the late 2-year-old refugee boy Alan Kurdi on the beach in Bodrum has not let go of me since its publication in the media. The second sentence was created under the impression of this picture and the story of the countless victims of the Syrian conflict, who perished on their escape to freedom. (In no way did I try to set this tragedy to music.) III. My inspiration was joie de vivre - The 3rd movement of the symphony should above all be a commitment to life. And in faith and hope in a better world ... An overview of the many motifs / melodies and quotes that are processed in the work creates an overview of a colorful series of Meldodien. Thomas Doss (February 2019)

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